"Having read only as far as Chapter 2 of this volume, I decided to apply just one of Philena's teachings — with amazing results. Specifically, I convinced myself that the Universe loved me and, within less than twelve hours, I manifested a pocket PC worth £365. I have always used the Law of Attraction in my professional life to very good effect, to the extent that I literally cannot fail to succeed in adversarial engagements, negotiations or appeals. Suffice it to say that I have consistently achieved results above and beyond those which could be attributed to mere skill, judgment and professionalism. However, all of these outcomes took time. What Philena shows us is that results can be accelerated by a subtle alteration of mindset. This book is a true revelation!"

J.C. Friend


"I had been doing a lot of reading – The Secret, Ask and it is Given etc ... but not getting anywhere with my manifesting. After reading "Know That You Are Loved" I began practicing the Feeling Loved technique, as I recognised this may be the problem, (saying the pavement loves me as I walk along the street for example) and everything has changed. It's quite phenomenal. I can manifest now! And I feel so good inside. I actually love myself – it feels wonderful. I feel so much happier – I cannot begin to explain how different I feel. My whole approach to life has changed."

S. Blake


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