"This book is an absolute joy to read. I know the exercises Philena has devised work because I had a relationship healing with her over twenty years ago, which changed my life dramatically. Know That You Are Loved holds the key to connecting with the underlying fabric of the ever changing world we live in: unconditional love."

Sahar Huneidi

Author, Spiritual Life Coach columnist,
Editor of PS-Magazine.com, and podcaster

"Know That You Are Loved is a delightful little book to keep handy. I enjoyed reading all the varied accounts of meaningful life lessons presented in a light hearted and candid manner. This is a practical book loaded with very useful information and advice on many aspects of life. Philena Bruce is a seasoned Healer and a good story teller with a disarming sense of humor."

Chidi Asika-Enahoro

Author, Talk Show Host & a
Sr. Disability Analyst, www.loveandbalance.com

"Philena Bruce shows us common sense ways to steer through life’s tangles and teaches us how to stand tall with the blessings of the sacred universe around our shoulders."

Caitlin Matthews

Author of The Psychic Protection Handbook &
Singing the Soul Back Home

"Philena’s passionate love for her work has brought a wonderful series of results to many people in as many places in the world. Above all, she has a masterly touch as a raconteuse. Her “worms” in Calcutta are surely the most effective of squelches to verbosity."

The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, KT

"A worthy addition to anyone’s library. The exercises are powerful because Philena’s been there, got the t-shirt and quit. I read things in this book that made me cry with re-awareness. Re-awareness because we get it, then lose it and have to keep on getting it, until we really GET it in the psyche, body, everywhere. We are loved and the journey is to accept it – this book is a gift."

Peta Heskell

Relationship Mentor,

"Philena transmits an important message with inimitable style and humor. She shares what she has learned in life as an expression of love to the world. Love is the message and love is the medium."

Martin Brofman

author of Anything Can Be Healed
and Improve Your Vision

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