Know That You Are Loved

adds a gloriously simple secret to the current thinking on materialising your desires.

Whether wanting to transform difficult relationships, alleviate physical problems, manifest a new car, or simply ensure that there will be someone there to help you lift a heavy bag onto a train, this eminently practical guide provides simple, effective solutions.

A breath of fresh air in the field of manifesting and healing, this book offers down-to-earth exercises to help you create a more enjoyable life — many of which can be practised while standing in a queue waiting for a bus!

This book includes successful Self-Healing Techniques discovered by healer Philena Bruce over a 30-year period. Philena not only transformed her own life but helped change the lives of thousands of her clients, often with phenomenal results, some of which she describes in this easy-to-follow and totally charming book.

Philena Bruce (B.A. Econ. & P.G.C.E. Maths) is a healer and palmist with thirty years experience. She was brought up in Hampton Court Palace and later studied palmistry with the Principal of the London School of Palmistry. She worked at Mother Teresa’s Children’s Home in Calcutta before going to Father Bede Griffiths’ Ashram in South India, where she began her healing path.

Philena sees clients from all over the world for readings and healings and over the years has developed a practical tool-kit to help her clients create the future they want, physically, financially, mentally and spiritually.

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